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“The design philosophy of Dye Designs accommodates a wide variety of golfers with varying levels of ability. The job of the designer is to provide a challenge to advanced players without creating so much frustration that beginners leave the game of golf or migrate to a less difficult course. Dye Designs is aware of this problem and uses several techniques to overcome the situation. Particular attention must be paid to these different abilities, along with an equal concern for maintenance and the environment.Each Dye golf course is custom designed based on the requirements of the owner. In some cases, owners want to create the most difficult course possible. However, the greatest percentage of owners want a less difficult course that is enjoyable for all levels of players. Following are the basic elements of a Dye design golf course that will help create a course that meets the needs of nearly every golf course owner.”                                                                                              Original Texts from Dye Designs.